First mission: accomplished



In the second fortnight of November 2015, the first mission of the ‘Narratives of Water’ project was accomplished. Professor Danilo Rothberg was in the UK for the first round of workshops and meetings aiming to elaborate a cooperative research project to be submitted to the regular funding lines of FAPESP and a UK funding agency.

Danilo delivered a seminar at the University of Warwick (UK) about the Brazilian water management systems, environmental information and online communication networks, to an audience comprised of postgraduate students and academics interested on the subjects of decision-making for drought risk management and digital hydro-citizenship in the UK. Danilo also met Professor Owain Jones (Bathspa University) and part of his team (Katherine Jones and Antony Lyons) of the Hydrocitizenship Project, and participated in meetings of the DRY Project, led by Professor Lindsey McEwen (University of the West of England).

Productive contacts were also made with Professor Anna Reading (King’s College London), Dr.Vinicius Mariano de Carvalho (Brazil Institute, King’s College London), Dr. Andrea Berardi, Dr. Alexandra Okada, and Dr. Les Levidow (The Open University).


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