Fourth mission: accomplished

In April 2017, the fourth mission of the ‘Narratives of Water’ project was accomplished. Professor Joanne Garde-Hansen was in Brazil for the final round of workshops and meetings aiming to elaborate a cooperative research project to be submitted to the regular funding lines of FAPESP. Joanne delivered a seminar in the Institute of Advanced Studies (IEA) of the University of São Paulo about how competing narratives of past drought in the UK shape understanding, experience and policy, focusing on the distinct features and achievements of the Dry Project, of which she is co-investigator. The target was USP teaching staff and postgraduate students in Humanities, Architecture and Urbanism, Communication, Culture and Economy. Gilson Schwartz, Pedro Roberto Jacobi, Antonio Almeida and Danilo Rothberg were the respondents. This activity was developed in partnership with Schwarz and the Institute of Advanced Studies through its Sabbatical Leave Programme.

Joanne also led two seminar/working meetings. The first one targeted USP researchers, professionals and stakeholders on water and environmental governance and took place in the IEA. The second had Unesp researchers and the International Relations Office (Arex) to discuss opportunities for collaboration between Unesp and the University of Warwick.

The fourth mission included a visit to the exhibition Un.Covered Rivers, organized by the NGO ‘Rios e Ruas’ and Sesc.

From left to right: José Bueno (Rios e Ruas), Alexandra Bujokas (UFTM), Joanne Garde-Hansen (Warwick), Danilo Rothberg (Unesp) and Carlos Falci (UFMG), in the exhibition Un.Covered Rivers



The seminar publicity, in Portuguese




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