IMG_0805Joanne Garde-Hansen 

is Associate Professor in Culture, Media and Communication, in the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies at the University of Warwick, UK. She directs the MA in Global Media and Communication. Her research and teaching focus upon two strands: media, memory, archives and heritage; and media, communications and cultures of water and sustainability. She has published on (digital) media and memory in a range of books and journal articles. Joanne is co-investigator on the ESRC funded Sustainable Flood Memories project and RCUK funded Drought Risk and You (DRY) Project. She is currently working with colleagues in São Paulo, Brazil, the Museu da Pessoa and the Federal University of Minas Gerais on the theory and practice of a social technology of media and memory. For more information and to contact go to Dr Joanne Garde-Hansen.



Danilo Rothberg

is Professor in Sociology of Communication in the Faculty of Architecture, Arts and Communication at the Unesp – São Paulo State University, Brazil. He is deputy head of the Postgraduate Programme in Communication at Unesp. His research themes are memory and hydro-citizenship; sociology of communication; theory and ethics of journalism; public communications and digital democracy; media education; sociology and popularisation of science; science education. He was a visiting researcher at King’s College London (2015) and The Open University, UK (2007 and 2011). Danilo received a number of grants from Fapesp – São Paulo Research Foundation and published a range of journal articles and books by Cultura Acadêmica (available online) and Editora Unesp. For more information and to contact go to CV Lattes.